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Men's Ministry

The mission of the Men's Ministry is to provide men at the GCC with opportunities for service to the community, personal and spiritual growth and fellowship among its members. By drawing upon the collective experience, diversity and enthusiasm of the membership, the Men's Ministry will sponsor appropriate initiatives that serve our church and community, strengthen intergenerational ties within our congregation and foster a deeper commitment to our faith through personal discovery and fellowship. Founded in the summer of 2006, the group provides opportunities in the following areas:

Serving Glenview Community Church
Serving the Community
Social Outreach
Personal Growth and Fellowship

Calendar Events

While our projects are primarily staffed with members of the Men’s Ministry, we welcome other volunteers from GCC as well.  Many of our service projects are structured so that youth of confirmand and PYF age can participate as well. 

Service Project Volunteer Opportunities

For more information about the Men's Ministry, please call the church office at (847)724-2210.


Glenview Community Church • 1000 Elm Street • Glenview, Illinois 60025 • 847.724.2210