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Sunday School Teachers

Parents, grandparents, older youth and other members of the congregation share in the leadership and support of children’s education. Some choose to become “Shepherds” and have responsibility for watching over a specific group of children for the entire year. Others are interested in participating by staffing segments of our Workshop Rotational Model.

Working with Chris Calandra, our Resource Coordinator, these adults create a unique learning experience for a specific unit of study. Rotational Model classes include storytelling, acting in biblical drama, cooking, working in the computer lab, creating arts and crafts, connecting biblical stories to current events and faith today, making videos of our lessons, and learning about world geography and how it shaped events so long ago.

Teachers choose the area in which they feel most comfortable and receive teaching materials for each subject. This is truly a wonderful way to experience biblical lessons through a variety of senses, activities and learning styles.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Hartung-Ciccolini, Ministry for Youth and Children.


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