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Common Ground

Co-sponsored with our Adult Education Board, the Common Ground programs are now on the third Wednesday of each month starting at 7:00 pm in the Chapel Room. $10.

Adam and Eve and Us – September 20
Instructor: Jerrol Leitner
Genesis 2-3 tells the story of a God, a man, a woman, a snake, and a prohibition. Over time, this simple origin myth becomes a driving force behind the West’s view of male/female relationships, human sinfulness, humanity’s control over nature, sexuality, and the ceaseless desire to regain Paradise lost. This talk examines how the story of Adam and Eve deeply affects (infects?) Western culture and shapes the way we think about ourselves

How Did Noah Get All
Those Animals Into the Ark? – October 18
Instructor: Pauline Viviano

A supposed replica of Noah’s Ark has been built in Williamstown, Kentucky and the displays in this museum claim to defend the historicity of the primordial flood against all challenges. For biblical scholars, arguments in support of the historicity of Noah’s flood collapse when we focus on a literary and theological analysis of the story. In this presentation we will look at flood stories from the ancient Near East, and focus, in particular, on the Genesis flood narrative. Some questions we'll explore: What kind of literature is the flood story? What is the point of the story? And what input does archaeology have to offer

Dystopias—Anti-Utopias – November 15
Instructor: Jim Kenney

George Orwell did it so well (especially in Animal Farm and 1984) that we now use the term “Orwellian” to name eras in which an ominous political malaise undermines civil (and civilizing) society. Aldous Huxley brought a very different but no less chilling perspective to his epic Brave New World. More recently, Margaret Atwood has given us The Handmaid’s Tale, with extraordinary insights into the subjugation of women under a totalitarian “theocracy.” All three help us in our current struggle to understand fear and hope. 



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